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july 7th

The Crad'eau is a short format obstacle course. We participate in teams of two people (pairs). It is a "nice" obstacle course of about 6 km: 4 km on the ground and 2 km on the river by canoe. Departures are given in series of 50 people (i.e. 25 pairs). The route takes about 1h30.
Only the first 2 pairs of each series are qualified for the grand final. Moral: not everyone comes to make a time! Besides, there is no such thing... On the other hand, if you have always dreamed of rolling in the mud disguised as a star dancer (this is an example, don't all come as a star dancer), the Crad'eau is for you!
While most obstacle courses take place over 12 km in the countryside, the Crad'eau has the originality of a course concentrated on a stadium (Espace Soubeyran in Crest), thus offering an amazing race to spectators, all 500 m from the centre of Crest. The second originality of the concept is to link an obstacle course with a canoe race ending under the Crest bridge. Here again: a guaranteed show!
But beware, the race doesn't end with the canoe! The 2019 edition has many surprises in store for you with an unforgettable finale!
The originality of Crad'eau was recognized by a nomination in the "Obstacles d'or 2016", category "Innovation.

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