'On the river between the Vercors and Provence'
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Must-see sites in the Drôme

The ideal place for all kinds of outdoor activities

Descend the Drôme in a canoe, go rock climbing at Saoû forest or Omblèze, aqua trekking in the Roanne or Gervanne valleys, fly above the perched syncline or the Vercors in a hot-air balloon or glider, go abseiling and tree climbing, not forgetting walking, cycling, horse and donkey trekking in the Drôme Valley: opportunities available to everyone.

The spring and the autumn are ideal for discovering nature.

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers are quite right: the Drôme boasts rich biodiversity of fauna and flora, born of the encounter between the Alps and Provence. Mountain and more Mediterranean species grow side-by-side and cohabit, with over 60 varieties of orchids including the very local 'orchidée de la Drôme', chamois, ibexes and other hoofed mammals, eagles and griffon vultures. Don't forget your binoculars, cameras and sketching pads!